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Medicare Change Resolution Needed Before New Year

Physicians who accept patients with Medicare could face a dark choice in 2012. On January 1, the Centers for Medicare & Medicare Services are scheduled to start paying Medicare claims at a 27…

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Home Care: The Best Way to End Hospital Readmission Trend

Recent media coverage of the Occupy movement from Wall Street to Wilmington illustrates the growing disenchantment with the status quo in America. That kind of discord is also evident in the health…

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Reducing Specialized Therapy Opportunities is the Wrong Idea for N.C.

October is National Physical Therapy Month October is National Physical Therapy Month, and there’s a lot to celebrate. Physical therapy provides numerous benefits for patients. Physical therapy…

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Doctors’ Prognosis: New Face to Face Rule Hinders Home Care

A new Medicare rule is only a few months old, but it is already having a detrimental effect on home care in the Carolinas, Virginia, and even nationwide. New Medicare Rule The National Association…

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Home Care: A Health Care Idea We Can All Support

Finding a common cause in America can prove as challenging as balancing the federal budget. Citizens throughout North Carolina have differing views on politics, and particularly about health care.…

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