The Importance of Advance Directives

Chaplain and Volunteer Coordinator Archie Stevens discusses the importance of having an advance directive. An advance directive helps patients spell out the course of action they wish to have taken to their doctors and caregivers. It helps people make important …
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Rallying Behind Home Care and Hospice

Donna Turlington of Liberty HomeCare & Hospice Services discusses the importance of supporting Home Care and Hospice. These services provide valuable care to homebound patients with numerous benefits.

Hospice Care: Helping Maximize Quality of Life

Jeanne Howard, LPN and homecare and hospice liaison for Liberty HomeCare & Hospice Services, has heard the misperception about hospice care. “There is that stigma that hospice means death,” she said. “But hospice is really all about quality of life …
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Hospice Caregiver Holiday Advice

Alanda McLeod of Liberty HomeCare & Hospice Services discusses some tips for hospice caregivers during the holidays.

Hospice Work Creates Fulfillment For Cancer Survivor

Susan Johnson didn’t intend to become involved in hospice care. The 56-year old, who is the patient care coordinator for Liberty Hospice in Lumberton, NC, didn’t even start nursing school until she was 44 years old. But 13 years ago, …
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