February Is Patient Appreciation Month!

Patient Appreciation Month

Liberty Hospice of Pinehurst recognizes patient appreciation the month of February. Each of their staff members deliver red roses to their patients and families. As reported in The Aberdeen Times, Liberty Hospice expresses their appreciation for their patients and the joy it is to work with each of them by making special deliveries to each patient with beautiful, red roses.

Meet Mittie Williamson




Mittie Williamson is a 100 year old Liberty Hospice patient who is an absolute joy to care for. Mittie’s nurse reported that a beautiful smile appeared on Mittie’s face when she received the rose as she stated “these roses are so pretty!” Mittie was dressed to the occasion in her beautiful red sweater! Like all of Liberty Hospice patients, Mittie brings great joy and reward to the staff upon each visit that is made with her.  Mariah Turner, Volunteer Coordinator and Bereavement Coordinator for Liberty Hospice in Southern Pines says, “We had very rewarding reactions from all of our patients which made it even more special for all of us.” These are the moments that matter to Liberty!