How to Help Seniors Stay Safe at Home

The Federal Housing Administration indicates that an estimated 90 percent of people would like to age at home. While seniors continue to age and live at home, it’s a good idea to follow some helpful tips to ensure they stay safe at home. Check out Liberty HomeCare and Hospice Services’ tips below, which will help reduce the risk for falls, injuries, and costly hospital visits. After all, by avoiding injuries, this will help seniors maintain their independence in the comfort of their homes.

Tips to Help Seniors Stay Safe at Home

1. Remove Potential Trip Hazards

Certain types of household items are known trip hazards. This includes electrical cords, low furniture, ottomans, and rugs. By removing these items or keeping them out of the way, this can help reduce the risk of falls. If there are children or pets in the home, remember to pick up any loose items like toys. To create a safer area for your loved one to walk, consider installing a non-slip flooring or placing non-slip mats throughout the home. Electric outlets, cords, and wires can be covered to also help create a safer home environment.

2. Create Easy Seating Areas

As people age, it can be helpful to set up easily accessible seating throughout the house. Consider your loved one’s daily routine and what would be most useful. For example, you can set up a bench next to the front door to sit on while putting on their shoes. Additionally, you can add a shower bench to make it easier for them in the bathroom, as well as a chair or stool for cooking meals in the kitchen.

3. Install Grab Bars in Bathrooms

Did you know that the majority of falls in the home take place in a person’s bathroom? To help prevent in-home falls, consider installing a grab bar in your loved one’s shower. You can purchase these bars in hardware stores or online. The grab bars can be installed by a plumber, home safety specialist, or you, if you are handy with tools.

4. Evaluate the Home’s Doorway

If your loved one’s doorways are not flat, this can be a potential hazard for seniors. To address this safety concern, consider building an indoor ramp, flattening the entranceway, or adding handrails. Any of these suggestions will help your loved one maintain their balance as they enter and leave their home. 

5. Check Out the Outdoor Areas

This may be a potentially overlooked section, but it’s important that the outside of the home is safe and secure too. The path from the front door to the mailbox should be clear of dirt, rocks, and roots that could be a tripping hazard. Additionally, monitor the home’s driveway for cracks that can cause a fall. 

We hope you enjoyed this week’s article sharing some easy tips for keeping your loved one’s home safe and secure. By preventing falls, this will help seniors maintain their independence at home where they love to be the most. If you are looking for high-quality home care, hospice care, or palliative care for your loved one, contact Liberty HomeCare and Hospice Services today. Our expert, compassionate team is dedicated to helping each patient and their family receive the care, support, and resources they need to maintain their independence and achieve the highest quality of life possible.