Maintaining Patient Trust Remains Home Care’s Goal

A disturbing news story out of Texas has made myself and everyone else associated with Liberty HomeCare & Hospice Services feel overwhelming shock and disappointment.

A doctor in Texas is allegedly the leader of the biggest Medicare fraud in U.S. history, involving more than $375 million from the Dallas, Texas area.

This incident is unacceptable, plain and simple, and doesn’t reflect the important work done by the home care industry. There are hundreds of thousands of home care workers in the Carolinas, Virginia, and the rest of the U.S. who do passionate and caring work. Indeed, these workers represent the highest moral and ethical standards in serving some of our communities’ most dependent and vulnerable seniors.

Liberty HomeCare & Hospice Services, as well as hundreds of other home care agencies, supports any effort to confront doctors or agencies that are abusing the Medicare and Medicaid systems and the patients we serve. If you are aware of any kind of abuse, or want more information, I urge you to take action by calling me directly at 1-910-815-3122 if it is related to Liberty or by visiting

Expert Home Care is Vital for Seniors

The report from Texas is unsettling, but the staff of Liberty HomeCare & Hospice Services remains committed to enhancing the quality of life of our patients. We know that home care is a vital part of the health care industry, and won’t let the regrettable actions of a few taint the positive impact of so many others.

Tony Zizzamia

President, Liberty HomeCare & Hospice Services