“We are grateful for the care we received…”

Wayne and Janet Breeding

As a company, we strive to provide the same quality of care to our patients that we would provided to our loved ones. It means so much to Liberty when we get letters from our patients sharing the story of the care they received. Recently, Wayne Breeding sent in the following letter through our website and with his permission, we shared it to celebrate his care team.

Liberty Home Care Management Team,

Recently our family benefited from services provided by one of your physical therapists, Edwin Bondoc, and we would be remiss to not take an opportunity to convey just how very valuable his services and assistance were. My wife has worked with many physical therapists over the years, and repeatedly commented just how impressed she was. Words are inadequate to convey his professionalism, knowledge, and skills to manage challenges following my surgical procedure. Edwin’s respect for me, as the patient, were evidenced by his encouragement, intonation, and simply “paying attention” to the cues of me (as his patient) are just some of the qualities that demonstrate the passion he has for his chosen profession. Without any hesitation, my wife and I would recommend Liberty/Edwin to families in similar situations. While we shared our gratitude with him on many occasions, we did not feel this to be enough. We sincerely hope the management of Liberty will take the opportunity to recognize him for exemplary service.

We would be further remiss to share regarding Lisa Ledford. Although a personal friend, she did not “push” Liberty on us, but simply and succinctly shared the services that were available, and provided a very professional profile concerning the PT services that would be provided, if chosen. Of course, the hospital immediately defers to First Health, but after much conversation we decided to request Liberty. This was the best decision for us, and Lisa’s ability to “step” out of a friend role and into a professional capacity, and clearly separate the two is to be commended. She also stepped aside, and did not, out of anxiousness or concern for what was to follow, have the need to be more than a friend throughout the remainder of my treatment as she knew what the quality of service would be.

Lastly, once again my initial assessment upon discharge occurred by a PT who was also experiencing medical issues, and had just learned of some fairly serious concerns for her own well-being resulting in a need for surgery. Yet, all that said her complete focus was on my assessment and ensuring all my needs were addressed. The information shared was through conversation with my wife and quite innocent, but again it speaks to the caliber and compassion of the staff that we had the privilege of working with through my recovery.

We are grateful for the care we received especially in a health care environment that is often less than adequate – in our case, Liberty, through these dedicated staff, excelled.