What is We Honor Veterans?

Liberty Hospice is proud to partner with We Honor Veterans, a program through the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization and the Department of Veterans Affairs.

We are committed to identifying patients with military experience and increasing their access to veteran services by:

  • Strengthening our relationship with local Veterans Associations
  • Providing veteran-centric education for staff and volunteers
  • Recruiting volunteers with military backgrounds to serve our veterans
  • Honoring our veterans through formal acknowledgement ceremonies

As a company of veterans that cares for veterans and their family members, Liberty Hospice is devoted to improving hospice care for veterans and ensuring they have access to quality and compassionate care by educating, engaging and expanding awareness.

Benefits of Hospice Care for Veterans

Veterans have unique needs for end-of-life care, which is why Liberty Hospice aims to deliver a more personal approach to address the life experiences that made them who they are today. Each veteran has their own story, and we want to make them feel heard, recognized and appreciated for their service and dedication to our country.

Our staff and volunteers are specifically trained to provide veterans compassionate hospice care that recognizes and honors their military service while also helping them access the benefits they may be entitled to receive. Our care and support extend to family members as well, helping them navigate the hospice journey.

For veterans who have never been thanked for their service or welcomed home, our initiatives through our partnership with We Honor Veterans may be incredibly impactful. It can make them feel seen and heard, enhancing their well-being and quality of life.

Hospice care for veterans includes:

  • Physical, emotional and spiritual support
  • Assistance in identifying and securing military benefits
  • Sharing community resources
  • Formal recognition and appreciation for military service
  • Pairing veterans with veteran volunteers
  • Support for family, with a focus on helping them understand their veteran’s unique needs

Veteran-to-Veteran Volunteer Program

As part of our We Honor Veterans partnership, we connect our veterans with volunteers who have a military background who can provide a unique level of support and companionship. Veterans often feel more comfortable sharing stories with fellow veterans, allowing them to open up to someone who is supportive, non-judgmental and able to validate their concerns.

Liberty Hospice is always searching for veteran volunteers to visit with our veterans, provide support over the phone, write cards or assist with veteran-related events and celebrations.

If you are interested in volunteering, please fill out this form.