What You Need to Know About Liberty’s Gastrostomy and Ostomy Care

If you or a loved one has received a gastrostomy or ostomy procedure, you may be wondering about your care and support options upon returning home. Since these procedures require special care to prevent the risk of complications and infections, it’s important to know how to care for the stoma (small opening) on your own. Let’s take a closer look at Liberty HomeCare and Hospice Services’ gastrostomy and ostomy care and why this service may benefit you or your loved one.

Liberty’s Gastrostomy and Ostomy Home Care Services

Since each patient has unique needs, the type of care they receive will depend on the type and function of the gastronomy tube (G-tube) or ostomy system. In general, Liberty’s skilled nurses can provide the following services in the comfort of the patient’s home:

  • Administer feedings and medications.
  • Apply, change, and empty pouch systems.
  • Apply clean dressings.
  • Clean and maintain the G-tube or Ostomy site on a daily basis.
  • Monitor and prevent infections.
  • Perform flushing to keep tubes clean.
  • Provide meal planning assistance.
  • Provide education to patients and their families on how to care and maintain the G-tube or Ostomy site.
  • Work with the patient’s primary care doctor and family.

Our expert nursing team understands that patients that have undergone ostomy and percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy can affect the patient’s quality of life and self-image. This is why we provide one-on-one support to help patients and their families feel more comfortable with the physical changes related to their procedures. Additionally, our expert care and support is designed to help reduce the risk of infection and other complications.

Promote Independence and Education

Like all of our services, a key component of our gastrostomy and ostomy care services is to promote independence and education. We help our patients to regain their independence and to learn how to adapt to their current health needs. By adapting to their current situation with a positive attitude and compassionate care team to support them, our patients are able to achieve their health goals. 

Expert, Compassionate Home Care

Our caring and supportive nursing team are here to help patients and their families. Liberty HomeCare and Hospice Services offers high-quality home health care, consultation, and support to those that have received a gastrostomy and ostomy procedure. Since these services are offered in a patient’s home, this will help patients feel more comfortable and relaxed. In turn, this means patients can focus more on healing and regaining their independence at home, rather than being stressed out and uncomfortable in an unfamiliar place. Contact us today to discuss your specific home care needs and learn how we can help you.