Why Patients Live Longer with Hospice Care

Even though millions of people receive hospice care every year, there are still several misconceptions about this type of end of life care for patients. Studies have shown that hospice patients tend to live longer compared to patients with similar health conditions that don’t receive hospice. The focus shifts from receiving curative treatments to embracing each day with loved ones, being as comfortable as possible, and easing through a natural stage of life. When patients choose hospice, they make a choice to improve the quality of their lives. Keep reading to find out why patients live longer with hospice care.

Hospice Care is At Home

Typically, hospice care is provided in a patient’s current living setting. This can be their  home, a loved one’s home, an assisted living facility, or a skilled nursing facility. When patients are surrounded by people and things they love, they feel much more comfortable, safe, and happy. Additionally, patients and their families can dictate their own schedules and rules, which is not possible in a very structured hospital environment. Indeed, hospitals must enforce rules about visiting hours, what can be brought, and how long visitors can stay. By receiving care at home, patients will be more relaxed knowing others can come over when they are feeling up to having company.

Comfort is a Top Priority

A top priority of hospice care is ensuring patients are as comfortable as possible. The hospice team will help patients better manage their pain and symptoms related to their serious illness. In turn, patients will find it easier to connect with their loved ones and embrace each day with the time they have left. 

Shift in Focus

When patients choose hospice, this means they are ready to stop receiving curative treatments for their serious illness or chronic condition. Since hospice is a choice, they can always stop this care and choose to start treatment again. The decision is always up to patients and their families. By shifting the focus from treatments to living the most comfortable life possible, patients will feel relief and a newfound energy. Indeed, patients will no longer have to worry about frequent trips to a clinic for treatment, as well as the aggressive medications with their unpleasant side effects. 

The patient’s hospice team will focus on helping them live as comfortably and for as long as possible. This essential team will also help create meaningful experiences for patients and families, which will help meet their emotional and spiritual needs. Patients will be able to share memories with those that matter most.

Connect with Loved Ones

For patients, having the love and support of their loved ones can be a powerful force for improving the quality of their life. Aside from patients, the hospice team provides support to patient’s caregivers in the home. When families and friends visit their loved one, they will find comfort in the care and support the patient is receiving.

Hospice care offers several benefits for patients and their families. While every person is different, many hospice patients tend to live longer than those that do not receive this care. It’s not surprising that patients do better at home, where they are comfortable and surrounded by the people, pets, and things they love dearly. This can be a motivation for them to embrace each day and do what matters most to them, whatever that may be. If you and your loved one are considering hospice care, contact Liberty HomeCare and Hospice Services. Our expert hospice care is offered across NC, SC, and VA.