How Liberty’s Home Health Care Can Help Patients with Parkinson’s

Since April is Parkinson’s Awareness month, we thought this would be a great opportunity to raise awareness of this neurodegenerative brain disorder affecting nearly one million people in 2021. Parkinson’s disease (PD) affects a patient’s muscle movements and control and progresses with age, which can interfere with their ability to perform activities of daily living (ADLs) and live a life free from pain and stress. While there is no cure, many seniors with PD can benefit from home health care services that can help patients manage their stress and pain, as well as receive compassionate care and support needed to maintain their independence as much as possible.

How Can Liberty Home Health Care Services Help Patients with PD

At Liberty, we understand the unpredictable nature and challenges that seniors with Parkinson’s disease face on a daily basis. Common symptoms include muscle stiffness, tremors, and gait and balance issues, all of which can worsen with age. These symptoms can lead to other health concerns, such as falls, anxiety, depression, dementia, sleep issues, digestive issues, and difficult swallowing. Our expert staff understands these concerns and will help provide high-quality, compassionate care that helps patients better manage their symptoms and achieve their personal goals regarding their quality of life and independence. Oftentimes, patients with PD prefer to receive care at the comfort of their own home, especially as their disease progresses.

Manage Symptoms

For patients and their families, it’s important to remember it’s typically the disease’s symptoms that have the greater impact on a patient’s quality of life. Our home health care services will focus on maintaining a patient’s preferred comfort levels and extending their quality time with family and friends.

Address Mobility Concerns

Patients with Parkinson’s disease may experience mobility issues, which also affect their ability to perform activities of daily living (ADLs). Our Liberty team can help patients address their mobility concerns through physical therapy exercises designed to improve a patient’s balance and strength. Evaluating a patient’s home to make modifications is an effective way to improve their home’s safety and make it easier to perform everyday tasks needed to maintain their independence. 

Consider Respite Care

To provide the best care possible, primary caregivers must take breaks, especially for a loved one with a serious disease. If the caregiver doesn’t take a break from the physical and emotional demands of their job, they can become overwhelmed and no longer be able to provide adequate support. This is why respite care is a great option – caregivers have peace of mind knowing their loved one is in expert, caring hands, so they can receive the support they need.

As you can see, patients with Parkinson’s disease can benefit from receiving home health care services in the comfort of their home. This is the place that they know and love, which can reduce the stress caused by moving into an unfamiliar nursing home or senior residential community. Contact Liberty HomeCare and Hospice servicing NC, SC, and VA today to learn more about our expert home health care services for patients.