Seniors Can Monitor Their Health with Technology

In today’s digital age, there are more options for keeping track of your health than ever before. From smart watches to apps, older adults can monitor their health from the comfort of their own home. This can make it easier to keep track of daily habits and any health conditions that require recording symptoms in between doctor visits. Health professionals use this vital information to provide the best care for their patients and identify any changes in a patient’s health. Let’s take a look at how seniors can monitor their health with technology.

Tech Designed to Help Patients Track Their Health

Apps to Manage Medications

To help your loved one maintain their health, it’s important that they take their medications at the right time and use the correct dosage. If they have multiple medications, this can easily become confusing and overwhelming to manage on their own. Additionally, some medications must be taken with or without food to avoid causing stomach issues. 


Luckily, there are apps and devices designed to help people manage their medications. Seniors can download and use a medication reminder app. These health apps help people track their medications, send refill medication reminders, and notify the user of when they need to take their medications. Your loved one will hear an alert and notification, which will display on their phone’s home screen with instructions on what to take and when. 


Alternatively, your loved one may benefit from a medical management device instead. This does not require a smartphone, which some seniors may struggle to use based on their health conditions. A medical management device will hold a few days worth of medication with different alarms that beep and vibrate when it’s for your loved one to take their medicine. Some devices also offer phone call options, which include emergency contact lines in case a senior needs to call for help.

Devices to Track Pain and Symptoms

If your loved one suffers from chronic pain or changes in their health, this has a significant impact on their overall health and well-being. They will likely need to keep track of their symptoms and changes in health, which can be difficult to monitor on their own. Doctors need this vital information to provide the best treatment plan for your loved one. 


Like the medication management apps, there are digital health monitoring devices and apps designed to track a person’s health, and symptoms. This is an effective way for older adults to continue living on their own for as long as possible, but also being able to keep track of their health changes in an easy, user-friendly way. You can find several options for wearable medical alert devices for older adults, such as MobileHelp or Medical Guardian. These devices that are worn on the wrist track a person’s biometric data (i.e. brainwaves, heart rate, muscle biosignals, and more) and provide key data related to their specific health conditions. 


Additionally, older adults also have access to health apps that track changes to a person’s health. These highly advanced apps will track when a senior experiences pain and symptoms. The apps will even show the location of the pain on an image of a human body, which helps health professionals know where the pain is coming from. These apps also include medication logs and graphs showing health trends over time. 


At Liberty Homecare and Hospice services, we use new telemonitoring technology that is implemented into a patient’s home and enables our professionals to monitor patients’ health virtually. Alongside monitoring the health of our patients, our telemonitoring system provides the patient with access to our professionals at any time by phone or internet. The health information being gathered in real time, helps our professionals make the best decisions possible during the virtual appointments. Our telemonitoring services are a great way to be able to stay connected to your healthcare professional from the comfort of your home.

Find the Right Tech for Your Loved One’s Needs

As new technology continually emerges, it can feel overwhelming to find the best device and/or app for your loved one’s needs. We recommend discussing with your loved one’s primary care for recommendations and doing research for high-quality health products. While it may be a more costly investment, having peace of mind that your loved one can continue to safely live at home, manage their health, and take their medications correctly is worth it. Contact Liberty HomeCare and Hospice Services today to learn more about our telemonitoring services designed to help seniors achieve their health goals and maintain their independence.