Good Grief: Tips for Healing

Grief can be an extremely difficult thing for people to deal with after losing a loved one. Everyone’s journey through grief is different and the way people process loss varies from person to person. 

In this blog, we explain some tips that can hopefully make the process of grieving and healing a little easier. 

1.) Be Yourself

If you are a feeler, allow yourself to feel. If you are a dreamer, tell the story. If you are a thinker, process it out. If you are a doer, honor your loss as you make plans for what to do next. Just be you.

2.) Set Reasonable Goals

While grieving, instead of setting one big goal, try setting many smaller goals that put you in the direction of your big goal. Doing so will make achieving your big goal more realistic, especially when you have less energy. 

3.) Be Kind to Yourself

No one dismisses our grief more than we do ourselves. Be patient with yourself and remember that healing is a journey, not a destination. 

4.) Spend Time with Your Grief

Try sitting with yourself in a quiet place for 5 to 15 minutes each day. Pay close attention to your breathing and body. Acknowledge any thoughts, and then let them go. Allowing time for this important one-on-one with yourself can allow you to manage your grief rather than your grief managing you. 

When you are grieving, it is okay to do certain things that are important for your own well-being. Here are some examples of things you should not be afraid to do after losing a loved one: 

  • Say no to others. When people ask for help, it is okay to decline. Give yourself permission to grieve and know that it is okay to make time for yourself. 
  • Have a good day. Not every day is a sad day. You will have a good day someday and even remembering your loved one will bring you a smile. 
  • Reward yourself. Give yourself grace for each task you complete, knowing the effort it took to do it. 
  • Take a break. It is very important to rest when you need to. When life seems fast-paced, it is all right to slow down. Pay attention to your body and the effort it takes to grieve. 

An important part of the care Liberty Hospice offers is bereavement for the family after their loved one passes. Bereavement care can ease the impact of death and the journey that follows. Our bereavement services for families include support programs, educational information and counseling services.

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