Moments that Matter: Liberty Hospice Serves Up Buffet for Golden Corral Fan

Patrick Connelly and Liberty Hospice CNA Diane Carter


Patrick Connelly, who is receiving care from Liberty Hospice, used to love eating at Golden Corral. It wasn’t just the delicious food that attracted him to the restaurant, but the ability to make choices for himself when it came to selecting items he desired from their buffet. The ability to make choices is something many of us take for granted. For Patrick, choosing was something he desired more than anything as health complications took a toll on his daily life.

During visits to his current home at Liberty Commons Nursing and Rehabilitation Center of Lee County, Patrick expressed to his hospice care team several times just how much he loved Golden Corral. Through further discussions, Regional Volunteer Manager Charlotte Walton and Bereavement Coordinator Robin Lemieux realized the significance of the correlation between his love for the restaurant and his strong desire to make choices. Together, they decided to create a ‘Moments that Matter’ for Patrick by bringing the Golden Corral buffet to him.

Liberty Hospice and Golden Corral set up a personalized buffet in Patrick’s room at Liberty Commons

Charlotte reached out to the local Golden Corral in Sanford, North Carolina and a plan began to unfold. Patrick and Charlotte discussed his favorite foods, and she then worked with Golden Corral to ensure those foods would be on the menu for the big day.

Bereavement Coordinator Robin Lemieux showed Patrick the variety of foods he could choose from

Liberty Hospice and Golden Corral set up a delicious buffet in his room at Liberty Commons. Patrick was able to choose his favorite items from his very own Golden Corral buffet. 

“I know this means a lot to my son and you have no idea how much this means to my wife and me,” said Robert Connelly, Patrick’s dad. “Thank you so much for doing this – for supporting us. No one has ever done anything like this before.”

Patrick loved selecting what he wanted to eat from the buffet

During hospice, it becomes incredibly important to celebrate ‘Moments that Matter’ with loved ones because every moment counts. Liberty Hospice is so thankful Golden Corral helped us make this moment for Patrick and his family possible. 

To learn more about how Liberty Hospice can create ‘Moments that Matter’ for your family, visit our website or give us a call at 800-999-9883.


Patrick and his father, Robert Connelly
Patrick’s Liberty Care Team (CNA Diane Carter, Regional Volunteer Program Manager Charlotte Walton and Liberty Commons Activities Director Hannah Simpson)