Is Now the Right Time for Home Care?

As we age, certain daily activities become a little more challenging. Seeing your loved one struggle with those activities and worrying about their safety and health can be difficult. However, home care is a solution that can give you peace of mind while increasing your loved one’s independence by allowing them to stay where they are most comfortable: their home. 

Liberty Home Care offers an online assessment that includes a brief questionnaire to determine if now might be the right time to consider home care for your loved one based on trends you’ve noticed over the last few months.

Assessing Physical Abilities 

Part of the home care assessment includes questions about your loved one’s physical abilities. Are they cooking meals for themselves on a regular basis or losing weight? Do they bathe and keep up with their personal hygiene or do they wear the same clothes repeatedly without washing? Are they still able to move around the house or have you noticed cuts, bruises or evidence of a fall? Those are just some of the questions that help Liberty Home Care understand what assistance your loved one might need to maintain their independence safely. 

Assessing Cognitive Abilities 

The assessment also includes questions related to your loved one’s cognitive abilities. Do they remember to take their medication or pay their bills or do you notice them becoming more forgetful? Do they ever show signs of confusion or disorientation? Do they struggle to communicate well with others? Are they still socializing with their friends or have you noticed a lack of interest in hobbies and activities? These types of questions give us valuable insight to help us create a care plan tailored to their individual needs.

How to Qualify for Home Care

We can accept a referral for home care and help determine if an individual qualifies. In North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia, a physician or non-physician practitioner, such as a nurse practitioner or physician’s assistant, must order services. Once this determination and order have been made, we work directly with that physician/NP/PA and his or her staff to develop a custom home care plan for the patient. 

Conditions that generally meet coverage criteria include:

  • A new diagnosis
  • Recent exacerbation of a previous diagnosis
  • New medication or medication dosage change
  • Recent fall
  • Patient is homebound, meaning the person has an illness, medical condition or injury that restricts the ability to leave home without the assistance of others; the aid of supportive devices such as crutches, canes, wheelchairs or walkers; the use of special transportation; or those instances where leaving the home is medically contraindicated

Our Team Approach

Liberty takes a team approach to home care. Once we receive a referral from a medical provider, we develop an individualized plan of care with them to ensure every patient’s treatment is designed specifically to his or her needs. We then update the plan on a regular basis with the medical provider’s approval to make sure it adapts to the progress the patient is making. Through the entire process, the patient’s doctor, caregivers and home care staff act as a team to provide care. 

When you turn to Liberty Home Care, you’ll find a team that believes in honesty, integrity and delivering the best quality care. To learn more about our home care options and services, give us a call toll free at 800-999-9883 or visit our website. We are here to help you figure out if home care is the best option for your loved one and guide you through the entire process.