January is National Bath Safety Month: Tips for Bathing Safely

With wet and slippery conditions, the bathroom can be one of the most dangerous places for seniors as they age. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 1 in 4 older adults reported falling in 2018. That adds up to around 36 million falls, with more than 8 million of those falls requiring medical attention. Many falls happen when individuals attempt to get in and out of the tub.

Liberty HomeCare and Hospice Services knows how a fall injury can immensely interfere with a person’s quality of life. That is why we believe protecting your loved one from injuries is a vital part of the care we provide. We also encourage families to be proactive by taking steps to keep their loved ones safe, especially during National Bath Safety Month in January.


Consider Installing Grab Rails

Think about installing grab rails in the tub, beside the shower and near the toilet for your loved one. He or she can hold on to them as they get in and out of the tub and maneuver around the bathroom.


Discuss a Shower Chair

A shower chair may be a great option so your loved one can sit comfortably during the entire shower to prevent their legs from giving out or them slipping. You will want to make sure the chair has a non-slip seat and rubber tips on the feat so it won’t slip and slide in the tub.


Make Shower Items Easily Accessible

You can decrease your loved one’s need to stand up and potentially slip and fall by rearranging all shower items so they are within reach when your loved one sits.


Check the Lighting

Age-related vision loss is an issue that may occur as early as a person’s mid-40s. Problems with visual acuity decrease your loved one’s ability to see in the bathroom. Ideally, you should make sure the bathroom is properly lit. Check the bulbs regularly and replace them if you notice one burned out.


Remove Rugs

Bathroom rugs may be an essential décor piece and protect your bathroom floor, but these rugs are a tripping hazard. Remove all the rugs in the bathroom to reduce your loved one’s risk of falling. If you plan to replace them, use non-slip versions only.


Hire a Home Care Aide

If you don’t already have an aide coming to assist your loved one, call Liberty Home Care. Our certified nursing assistants can visit your loved one’s home and ensure he or she bathes regularly and safely. They can also help with other personal care services and daily living activities.

Liberty HomeCare and Hospice Services can perform a safety evaluation of your home and create a custom care program that fits the needs of your loved one. We provide home care services throughout North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia. Call us today at 800-999-9883 or use our online consultation request form.