Moments that Matter: Quality Vs. Quantity

Liberty Homecare and Hospice offers a range of services to hospice patients to improve their quality of life. We work with families to help them make the most practical and beneficial decisions for their loved one. Often, this means choosing to enhance the person’s quality of life rather than extending the quantity of life.


Why Treatment Isn’t Always a Feasible Course of Action

Hospice is specifically for patients who are approaching the end of life. For some of them, the journey has been a long road that’s included them fighting hard for every last breath. Others, however, may have just received a terminal diagnosis and treatment isn’t possible, could be difficult, or isn’t what’s desired.

In these cases, a family is choosing to optimize their quality of life as opposed to treating the illness. At this point, it’s vital to make the individual’s last few months or days the best possible rather than putting them through an aggressive or invasive treatment.


Deciding on a Treatment Plan

We understand choosing quality over quantity is a difficult decision to make. We encourage our families to think about what their loved one wants. Additionally, we suggest families put themselves into their loved one’s position and consider how they would feel given the circumstances.

When your loved one receives a terminal diagnosis or is approaching the natural end of their life, Liberty HomeCare and Hospice can fully explain all the options for your family so you are equipped with the knowledge to make a decision that is best for your loved one.


How We Enhance Quality of Life

Our hospice care stresses the importance of comfort measures. Your loved one should be comfortable and at ease during this time. Our caregivers will carefully monitor your loved one’s pain level and intervene with pain medication as necessary.

We also stress the importance of living life to fullest while you still can. Our caregivers, chaplains and volunteers will work with your family to help you create Moments that Matter for your loved one to bring them joy. We know the importance of mental and spiritual wellness during this time. We want to be a resource for your family to lend an ear, hand or provide guidance as needed.

Your loved one deserves to pass with dignity, and comfortably. We know how hard this time is for the patient and their family. Our goal is to ensure the transition is peaceful and exactly what you and your loved one want.

Liberty HomeCare and Hospice Services provides something that treatment can’t at this stage -quality. We believe that every moment your loved one spends should be one that is pain-free and as pleasant as possible. Sometimes, the best decision you can make for your loved one is for the highest quality of life possible, even if it means sacrificing quantity.

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