Liberty Social Workers of Lee County

March is National Social Worker Month

While many of us may not know that March is National Social Work Month, chances are great that our lives have been touched by the work that social workers do. Governor McCrory has proclaimed March 2015 as national social work recognition month for the state of North Carolina. Social workers serve in our local schools, in our Hospice, hospitals, and nursing facilities, as well as other local government and community settings.

Liberty HomeCare & Hospice in Lee County

At Liberty HomeCare & Hospice in Lee County, it is a privilege to be served by an incredible team of social workers: Patricia, Wendy, Nicole ,and Shenora.  They advocate for patients and their families facing challenges and choices for end-of-life decisions, concerns, and healthcare needs. No concern or question is too minor. When the weather was cold and space heaters rare, they found one to give to a family in need. We are humbled by our Liberty Home Care & Hospice social workers and their willingness to meet with clients, at any time of the day and night. Indeed, they are dedicated to the needs of the patient and family. Liberty Hospice social workers are experts and professionals in their vocation, and their care for our patients is vital to our goal of providing quality care, dignity, and respect to patients’ lives.

Lee County is healthier because our social workers are on the job. Regardless of their specific fields, social workers are an important link between people and necessary services. In any setting, social work is a high calling, and we should hold social workers in high regard. While the month of March provides us an occasion to recognize their great work, these tireless advocates for the care of their clients deserve to be recognized and appreciated all year long.

Robin Saenz

Liberty HomeCare & Hospice

Hospice Volunteer Coordinator