The Importance of Family Support for Adults in Hospice

Family support is an essential part of hospice. When remaining life can be measured in months instead of years, time with family is more precious than ever before. In this article, we take a look at why family support is so important for loved ones receiving hospice.

Advocate for Loved Ones 

In some cases, individuals in hospice are not mentally or physically capable of communicating their needs. If you know your loved one’s wishes when it comes to their end-of-life care, you can advocate for them. 

Family members are also more inclined to notice when their loved one is in pain or uncomfortable just by the tone of their voice, their facial expression or other cues. You know your loved one better than anyone else. When you notice these signs, you can let your hospice care team know so they can then provide medical care to ease their pain or discomfort.

Provide Emotional Support

Your presence can go a long way for your loved one during hospice. Sharing memories, laughter and quality time can provide your loved one an extra level of comfort that medical care cannot. There are many ways you can connect with your loved one to provide emotional support while letting them know they are sincerely loved and appreciated. Visit often, lend a listening ear, provide a comforting touch such as holding their hand, share special memories and treasure the time you still have together. 

Provide Personal Care

Family members can also provide personal care for their loved one during hospice to help with everyday activities. Bathing, dressing, tidying up their home, running errands, cooking their favorite meal, delivering fresh flowers, providing transportation if needed or decorating their home during holidays are all ways family members can help their loved one.

Create the Ideal Home Environment 

You can help your loved one create a space in their home that brings them joy. Put up artwork, posters, plants, mementos or other objects they love. Add a TV or music player so your loved one can play all their favorites. These additions can offer a sense of comfort and ease any stress they may be feeling. 

How Liberty Helps You Support Your Loved One 

Dealing with a loved one who has a life-limiting illness can be stressful for everyone involved. That’s why Liberty will be there to support not only your loved one, but the entire family as we provide comprehensive hospice care.

Our hospice nurses and aides visit regularly. Their wealth of experience can help your family find solutions to problems and ideas for better quality of life for your loved one. They will also educate family members on how to administer medications and use any medical equipment that may be necessary.

If you are feeling burned out as a caregiver, our volunteers can help provide respite care so you can take a break and recharge. It is important to take care of your own mental and physical needs as well as your loved one’s.

An important part of the care we offer comes after your loved one’s journey ends. Our bereavement services can ease the impact of death and the journey that follows. Bereavement services include support programs, educational information and counseling.

Wherever your loved one calls home, whether that is in a skilled nursing or assisted living community or a private home, we will answer the call to be there with an individualized plan of care that works for everyone involved. Contact us today to learn more about our hospice services by calling 1-800-999-9883 or using our online form to request a free consultation.