What is Home Care?


As people age, their health and lifestyle needs change. For most seniors, they would prefer to stay in their homes. This is not only more comfortable, it can also reduce costs spent on frequent hospital visits or nursing homes and improve the quality of their health and well-being. Of course, the best type of care will vary for each patient. If your loved one’s doctor or Non-Physician Practitioner (NP or PA) has recommended home care, you may want to know what this is and how it benefits patients. At Liberty HomeCare and Hospice Services, we provide high-quality home health care services. Continue reading to learn all about home care and why it may be a good choice for your loved one.

What is Home Care?

Home care refers to any professional support services that enable a patient to live safely and independently in their home. 

There are a wide range of people that can benefit from home care:

  • An aging person who requires assistance with daily activities
  • A person with chronic health conditions
  • A person recovering from a medical setback
  • A person with special needs or a disability

Depending on the patient’s needs, there may be a variety of professionals who may visit their home. For example, nurses, caregivers, and therapists can provide short or long-term care in a patient’s homes. A patient’s doctor/NPP and a clinical assessment will help determine whether home care is a good option for a patient.

Home Care that Promotes Independence

In many cases, home care is an effective way to obtain a high quality of life and promote independence. Home care helps patients manage their health conditions and regain their independence one day at a time. This can reduce or even avoid costly hospital visits. Home care patients tend to recover faster when they are in the comfort of their own homes compared to patients in different care settings. Indeed, patients being in their own home also reduces stress associated with being away from home and in unfamiliar settings. 

Physician ordered Home Health Care may include:

  • Assistance with daily activities, such as bathing and dressing when other skilled services are ordered, such as nursing or therapy
  • Therapy and rehabilitation
  • Short or long-term skilled nursing care for patients’ illnesses, diseases, or disabilities

Home Health Care

Like other medical care, there are different types of home care for patients. While there are different types, all home care is focused on helping patients live a healthier, happier, more independent life. Additionally, home care also gives families peace of mind knowing their loved one is in good, expert hands. Home Health Care provides short-term care to help patients recover from or prevent an illness, injury, or hospital visit. This type of care needs to be prescribed by a doctor and is offered at Liberty HomeCare and Hospice Services.

Liberty Home Health Care Services

Liberty HomeCare’s team of experts can cover all of your home health care needs. We provide home health care services for patients in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia. Our primary goal is to provide high-quality care that promotes independence and a more active lifestyle for all patients. In turn, this goal helps family members have peace of mind that their loved one will be in good hands. Another key component is to educate our patients and their families about the patient’s care and how to help them make a full recovery. 

We hope you enjoyed this article discussing what home care is and why it may be a good fit for your loved one. If you would like to learn more about our home care services, contact Liberty HomeCare and Hospice Services today.