What You Need to Know About Liberty’s Hospice Care


Hospice care is a misunderstood term that many people only associate with end of life. However, hospice is about making the end of life transition with dignity and making each day matter with our compassionate, supportive care. At Liberty HomeCare and Hospice Services, we want to help patients and their families learn about the benefits of hospice care, which goes beyond just caring for patients with life-limiting illnesses. In general, patients qualify for hospice care when they have a serious illness and have been given 6 months or less to live, according to their doctor. Our expert team provides compassion, comfort, education, and emotional and spiritual support for both patients and their families. Continue reading to learn more about Liberty’s hospice care, so you can determine whether hospice is the best choice for your loved one.

Liberty’s Hospice Care

1. Hospice is for Patients with Serious Illnesses

Hospice care provides comfort care, as well as emotional and spiritual support for patients with serious illnesses that are no longer seeking aggressive treatment. Our expert, caring staff understands this and have the technology, experience, and dedication to ensure every patient receives the highest quality of care and support they deserve at home. This care is about making each day matter, sharing time with loved ones, and easing through a natural stage of life.

2. Hospice is a Choice

Hospice is a choice. This means patients can choose to stop receiving hospice care at any time. If patients would like to receive hospice services again, they are welcome to as long as they meet the hospice eligibility qualifications.

3. Patients Can Receive Medicine for Pain Management

With their doctor’s approval, patients can receive medicine to help manage their pain and control symptoms. This can help comfort our patients and improve their quality of life.

4. Hospice Provides Home Medical Equipment Related to a Patient’s Illness

Hospice care can also provide home medical equipment and supplies directly related to a patient’s illness. This can include durable medical equipment (DME), shower chairs, oxygen tanks, disposable supplies, hospital beds, and more.

5. Families are Encouraged to Help Provide Care

Our hospice team will support and educate families and caregivers on how to take care of their loved one in their home setting. The home setting can be in an individual’s house, an assisted living, or a nursing facility.  This can be a stressful time, which is why our team will make regular scheduled visits to ensure patients, families, and caregivers receive high-quality care, support, and comfort.

6. Start Hospice Sooner Rather Than Later

Hospice care can be ordered for patients with a terminal illness. Starting hospice care as soon as a patient is appropriate allows for patients and their families/caregivers to receive the full benefits of the service improving the patients’ quality of life.

7. Hospice Supports Patients’ Families

After a patient passes away, we offer bereavement care to their loved ones for up to 13 months. This can help ease the impact of death, address emotional and spiritual pain caused by their loved one’s passing, and begin the road towards healing. This special care includes support programs, educational information, and counseling.   

As you can see, hospice care is not just about end of life care. It’s about embracing each day, spending time with loved ones, and easing through a natural part of life. Our hospice patients receive high-quality services, compassionate care, support, and education. If you would like to learn more about our hospice services at Liberty HomeCare and Hospice Services, visit our site today or call us at 800-999-9883.